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It is 2020

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Before the 2020's begin... Thank you

A month has gone. I have needed to and felt like writing... but time.
Priorities? Family. Work. Running. The rest.

I've been very grateful for friendships made at work and running. It has enabled me to do things that others wouldn't have been able to, because I've been able to "multi-task". So, thank you...

As 2019 draws to a close I have a few special thank you's (in no particular order):

Allister Marran - the person who got me into this ultra malarkey!Andy W - your quiet behind-the-scenes support of the sport in Nelson Mandela Bay and South Africa: it doesn't go unnoticed.Live Adventure Co... Sian, Sheena, you've created a monster (yes, this is punny). Balega South Africa for the socks and other little gifts for me and supporters. You've helped keep my soles happy and my soul full. Bradley Mac - your support of trail running and fair approach to business and life are an example to which I aspire. Each and every person and company who made a donat…

Good habits are hard to break

This is not a philosophical post... if you don't like philosophy, skip to paragraph three
now 😜
Every coin has two sides; heads and tails. One side smiles and one wags. The one that eats and takes, and the one that poops and... wags. And because they both belong to the same solid object, they both have the same value...

"Is road running better or trail running?" This is a question guys like Tobie Reynecke and I get asked. We've both done some of both... Tobie has just done a lot more than my smidge! He told me his opinion, but that is for another post. This post is about ... well ... running. 
We've holidayed in the Karoo, South Africa, for nearly 10 years now. These last few years we've been to a friend's farms outside Graaff Reinett (Elandskloof) and in October 2019 to Martyrsford (click the link for more). (I'll have to get something up on our Elandskloof stay).
It gets hot. Even when it isn't hot, its fairly brutal for running. Ground cover i…

Cowboy Cottage

Cowboy Cottage, Martyrsford. #BigSkyCountry In the big backyard of a working Angora farm lies Cowboy Cottage. It is dry country with vast skies. The vegetation and rich animal life seeking out the oases of water are well adapted to the sun and wind. This Karoo gem is an ideal place to reconnect, and create good habits; good habits are hard to break.
On a flight toward a recent running race I read the in-flight magazine. It had an article about Japan, host country to the then impending Rugby World Cup. The author referenced the special stature given to aged companies over 100 years trading. Tradition. Creativity. Longevity. Deference for purpose-oriented integrity and relationship was prime. And of course, the final of that World Cup was due to be played on a dusty and windy Karoo morning where we had no signal.
#LancasterLight, our effervescent and inquisitive 4-year old had been looking forward to Cowboy Cottage for weeks. We’d been hearing about Buzz, Woody, tractors, and all the thing…

Galaxy Bingo ONE12run

Once in a while a person gets to multitask in the best possible way... by combining things you love:
1 - run
2 - encourage others to run
3 - chase dreams
4 - create an environment for others to chase dreams
5 - contribute to societal change through effective charitable organizations

The Galaxy Bingo ONE12run was all of that! And memories :)

#LancasterLight was probably the youngest participant, and he completed short of 5km, but accompanied the oldest participant as he went around the course with #FatherLancaster (aka the retired Reverend Howard Lancaster) and needed to give the old man some tlc out there on the course... #MotherLancaster was grateful to see them return in tact and provided all the encouragement to me.

The runner that stole all the hearts was Kent_the_best_trail_dog... I mean, just look at him!

Charlo Athletics Club... what can you say when a club joins together and enters 4 teams (okay, MV-cubed was one short and their secret weapon did complete 6 laps all under 20 …

The Truth of the Trail: Karkloof 100

I said to Andrew & Deon, "On the long trail, either you are truthful, or you are dead. And perhaps this is why we are a close community of people who know and believe in each other. We root for each other's success because we relate so honestly."

Friday night at 8pm, the gun was worked into the theme tune to the Greatest Showman. We Karkloof 100 milers were off, not quite like prey in front of lion... but the atmosphere was just as charged! An amazing show to send us on our way. It had been hot all Friday. Dry heat. It was due to get as hot on Saturday.

AMUK update: I had aced Addo. UTD and me... let's call it a tie (although I might flatter myself here). And Mac Mac bit my bullet... I finished, but it took everything I had. 14 weeks later, I'd recovered mostly, but not been able to maintain 100 mile fitness. I was as ready as I could be...

Rene & Frikkie (official and unofficial AMUK wayfinders) were prepped and looking good. There was no hope for me to …