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The Truth of the Trail: Karkloof 100

I said to Andrew & Deon, "On the long trail, either you are truthful, or you are dead. And perhaps this is why we are a close community of people who know and believe in each other. We root for each other's success because we relate so honestly."

Friday night at 8pm, the gun was worked into the theme tune to the Greatest Showman. We Karkloof 100 milers were off, not quite like prey in front of lion... but the atmosphere was just as charged! An amazing show to send us on our way. It had been hot all Friday. Dry heat. It was due to get as hot on Saturday.

AMUK update: I had aced Addo. UTD and me... let's call it a tie (although I might flatter myself here). And Mac Mac bit my bullet... I finished, but it took everything I had. 14 weeks later, I'd recovered mostly, but not been able to maintain 100 mile fitness. I was as ready as I could be...

Rene & Frikkie (official and unofficial AMUK wayfinders) were prepped and looking good. There was no hope for me to …

The weekend before RunAMUK is done...

Sharon Jessop, of "Go Well with Sharon", had me on her show a little while ago. And as of today, that interview is live on Youtube! Thank  you, Sharon :)

My introduction at Go Well With Sharon.

The full interview:

You can help 4 awesome charities... by donating OR running (your entry fee goes to these charities)...

1 - Donate at Backabuddy (we're half way there...)

2 - Enter the Galaxy Bingo ONE12run...
Run one loop or as many as you can in 12 hours of the Grass Roof parkrun route in Nelson Mandela Bay.

Find out more about the charities: click here.
See you on the trails!

19 sleeps to Karkloof

There is preparation, and then there is preparation. The body is as ready as it could be considering all the hiccoughs these last 3 months.

The head needed a little comfort. So today, I headed for the hills and "proper" trail. There is nothing like a little effort in "native" territory to make you glad you're a trail runner. 3 Rivers Trails and Crossways have some great running, from jeep tracks and single track to medium and technical trails on the flat and with some ascent or descent. Watch - Your - Step! (Glad my feet were in #BalegaBestSocksEver today... it was dry and hard).

Am I ready? Yes. Will I complete #RunAMUK... yes, bar anything over which I have no control. Did I #RazeABar? Well... I need a little more help there 😜

Donate here: BackABuddy (everything goes to the charities... not to me!)OR sign up to the Galaxy Bingo ONE12run on 30 September to see how many loops of the Sardinia Bay parkrun you can complete in 12 hours at Grass Roof, Nelson Mandela…

Its a marathon...

How often have you heard the saying, "Its a marathon, not a sprint"?

Well, this year has been both for me! Squeezing in 4 100 milers, training and recovery for them, a busy little family and new business opportunities has been stressful. Something has to give... Self care won't be the thing that gives; this blog has been "ignored" more than I would have liked.

So, I'll be migrating communication methodologies... what works for you? Comment, mail, call, or get hold of me at

Of course I have loved the journey of #RunAMUK; and linking it to #RazeABar has given it all some perspective. There are ideas floating around for next year... I'd love to do it again, but it hinges hugely on the support of my community (family, friends, business, the world in general).

Some things require a sprint. Sometimes a sprint has to be reserved for the last mile of a race where a slow burn has kept you in contention. And sometimes it requires you shed some e…

Where DOES the money go?

"Run", they said. "Its cheap. All you need is a pair of shoes". What they don' know is that shoes, socks, shorts and tops, nutrition, training and more things all have a role to play in keeping gremlins at bay! Blisters, chafe, toenails, body warmth, hydration levels.

But this post is not about that... this post is about #RazeABar. Four charity beneficiaries. All very different, but sharing 3 key critical things.

Go on... ACT on your will. Decide to join or DONATE to effective organizations. Do it with MEANING. This is the link to our BackABuddy campaign.
1 - PASSION (not the fruit...)
When you're hungry for something, it helps to feed that hunger. This goes for your stomach as well as your soul. Each of these four charities are led by people passionate to make a difference. You know when you fell in love for the first time and the energy you put into that relationship? Well, these folks put that energy in to their work every single day. They "feel" it…

Entry to Galaxy Bingo ONE12run

ENTER ON THIS LINK! It will take you to My Active. You can donate at the same time Thanks, #MyActive 👱 Or you can print the entry form below, and make a direct deposit to our bank account! Email the form and proof of payment to the address on the form.