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Knights & Unicorns

Once upon a time…

But just wait, all good fairy tales have a bit of a back-story. Some canon or lore to create context. If you will indulge me let’s rewind to before I made it to the start line of this year’s event. (Event: because, let’s face it: a 100 miler for the likes of me is less of a “race” or a “run” and more an endurance spectacle).
My family moved around while I was growing up as my father was a Priest. Some of that time was spent living in East London, the home of The Buffalo Club (aka Buffs), the originators and custodians of “The Washie”. This is the arguably oldest running road 100 mile race in the world (160.934km).

For me the seed was planted a long, long time ago, in the Washie’s early years. My father, a 3-time marathoner in East London, never entered… He may well be infinitely wiser than me.
As an accomplished field hockey player I representing my province in 1991, my last year of high school. Back then I considered myself to be supremely fit (and may well have ma…