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PE City Marathon ~ A Personal Best

Racing against yourself, without a coach, is intimidating. After all, I'm not 18 anymore!

Back in the "good ole days", in my final years of school when I was super-fit, I could do a very quick 5km. I don't know how quick, but well below 20 minutes. These days I can't run that pace for 400m!

So after the Washie 100 in July and a month off of running, I decided that I could squeeze in a marathon PB while training for the Addo 100 miler next year March. Brave? Stupid? We'll see. My marathon PB came during the Old Mutual Two Oceans Marathon in 2015. 3 hrs 47. Nothing sparkling, but at least they had recorded times at the marathon mark! I had already "blown" and it took me another 2 hours to cover the last 14km. #ButDidIDie?

Having trained a good few people to their first marathons, some PB's and first-marathon-back-from-injury, I knew about all the ways to fit in the "quality" without the "quantity". A tired Washie body (that was…