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Addo 100 first prerace blog

How DO you train for spending 100 miles on your feet? The cut off is 37 hours... there is 5700 meters of elevation (18,000ft) and temperatures varying between 5 and 50'C over the event history... Obviously you run, walk, drink and eat. These are all things you have to practice over and over for an event like the Addo Elephant Trail Run, aka #AfricasWildestUltra. Practice doesn’t always make perfect… but it does help improve how your body reacts. In 2018 I ran for myself... I ran (or walked most of) Washie 100 and then trained for a marathon PB of 3h29.54 on 1 December 2018 at the PE City Marathon. After 4 days of rest, I started training again... and began a #runstreak thanks to Bradley of Trailbusters in Nelson Mandela Bay. This may have been the best or a bad thing… In the first build up of my Addo training I started to experience tightness in my fascial pathways. This could have been triggered by any number of things: stress, sleeplessness, overtraining, or just a little accident.…


I am a philanthropist. I like to give: of myself and resources. Running & exercise has been a part of living for me for many years... almost all of them! This year I am taking 1 + 1 to equal a bar ;)

So this year its me, 100 miles of Africa's Wildest Ultra, the Addo Elephant Trail Run, and YOU! Well, you don't have to run... you can just donate to these charities so that you'll also have endorphins (without the sleeplessness, the sweat, and the pain).

There are MANY worthwhile causes out there... and many worthwhile people and businesses. There are 4 registered, reputable charities for #RazeABar. And I am challenging my friends and business colleagues/owners to give to these notable community-based efforts. 
For South African businesses there is the opportunity for tax certificates, etc. So get in touch to get your piece of paper and tax incentives! Donations can take place directly or through the campaign I have created.

Donors will also have the chan…