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A Month of Mazda

Mazda Month 2017 July-ish or somewhere there…
Two years ago I was privileged to be given a Mazda a week for a month. And just recently I’ve been thinking how much I enjoyed that month… so here’s a recap. Don’t bother searching the original reviews, they’ve been relegated to the mists of time. Enjoy these recollections knowing these vehicles still exist...
The guys at Mazda really stepped up to the plate with their press vehicles… We got them in order as follows: A Mazda 2 (full house diesel that disappeared in dust alone), a Mazda 3 sedan (classy and probably my overall 1st choice), a CX-3 (mid-range SUV, probably my least favorite, but then I was comparing it to some outstanding choices… so not really anything to do with the vehicle itself), a CX-5 (marketed as the flagship, and clearly best value for money in its class at the time), and lastly my favorite of the family, the BT-50 (a thoroughbred).
When you design an old favorite meal from scratch, you don’t use just salt or a store-bo…

Addo 100 - Race Report #RunAMUK for #RazeABar

A week after completing the Washie 100 miler I started training for my 2nd miler... I couldn't walk, but in my head it started. It was a kind of running “I am because we are” (loose translation of an African philosophical idea labeled “uBuntu”). Truth be told, it probably started when I ran my first official 5km run or parkrun many moons before that!
uBuntu philosophy leads to other African proverbs like, “If you want to go fast, go alone; if you want to go far, go with friends”. Race medals need friends, too, right? From a road 100 miler I needed to add a bush 100… and of course there are many around the world as one of the faster growing sports. The more 100 milers the better, right…? And of course me going far at Washie meant a great team of unicorn support on that road, and many miles training with mates leading up to Addo! Go together…
There were a lot of lessons I needed to learn at Washie. Teamwork, nutrition, hydration, training the right amount (not too much is as damaging…

Balega Enduro Review: 100 (s)miles

When you’re running “short”, you don’t need to worry much about your feet. But if you’re often on your feet and your favourite distance is “far”, foot care is paramount.

Like most runners I discovered this, because: blisters. Small. Big. Not too bad. Really bad; one time I had one blister… the size of my foot and ankle! I lie... 2 blisters that size, one on each foot/cankle. And then I discovered mohair socks, and I thought I had found Heaven.

Mohair is a natural fibre. It breathes and protects your skin. It thermo regulates your feet in all temperatures. When wet from sweat or rivers or snow, mohair gets that water away from your skin, keeping you drier sooner and blister resistant.
Now add some cleva Balega tech and cool design:you have extra support where you need it most (your feet) and you become a fashionista.
That tech, over the long run (100 Addo miles in my case), might seem small and insignificant, but if you multiply that support of 5% per step x 100 miles you begin to realiz…

The last pre-Addo pep talk

There has been plenty of time to make friends and to self reflect;

Time allotted for blending life and respect

Is given to all who take it...

And more is often given to those that use it wisely

In the service of self and others.

I don't participate in an event "for others", I do it to "raze" my "bars,

Pushing boundaries beyond what I thought was too far.

In my doing, you may or may not learn that the same is true for all who take a step, two...

And with professional help, a hand up from you and yours, you may also learn what leaves you better and others too.

Details of how you can track myself and the Malkoppies, Bianca and Chris who are also raising funds through #RazeABar, will be posted to during the course of today or before the run starts on Friday at 2pm.

Go on... we urge you...
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Lucky donors who bring smiles win smiles!

You are a lucky bunch of donors... Not only do you get the feel-good factor of donating, but these are the prizes you could win:

a pair of Balega running socks... #BalegaBestSocksEvera hamper full of goodies from Cellucity, powered by Vodacoma consult up to the value of R500 for your pet at South City Veterinary Practice (Nelson Mandela Bay donors only)a R1000 Acana food supply for a month to the pet of your choice To enter: donate R100 or more. Each R100 gets 1 entry. Enter here:
Terms and conditions: prizes are donations and not affiliated in any way with the company donating goodsprizes are not exchangable for cashthe organizer(s) are not liable for any loss, damage, harm or death or any other liability from use of such prizeswinners will be drawn on 1 April where donors are found on BackABuddy, whether having donated to the cause through RazeABar or Malkoppies pagesorganizer(s) reserve the right to extend or withdraw …

Motivation has 2 faces: 5 tips to keep you running

I love The Big Bang Theory. (Spoiler alert... but if you haven't seen it yet, well... too bad!) There's that episode where Raj and Penny "hook up"... Then to get Leonard to snap out of being depressed because his girlfriend slept with one of his best friends, Sheldon gets Leonard's mother on the line because she's "so good" with parenting and advice. 

Her sage advice: "Buck up." When her son Leonard questions this, she responds: "Buck up, Sissy pants."

Hard motivation. Leonard initially didn't respond well, but quickly changed his circumstances and "bucked up". Hard motivation worked.

Sometimes we get to a place where all we need is cottonwool, a shoulder to cry on. A bubble bath (but not in drought-stricken Nelson Mandela Bay) ice-cream, a glass of coffee, milo, or champagne, a duvet, a loved one, and a good movie can have such an awesome effect on our well being. Soft motivation works. Even when its at work and it…