28 March 2019

Balega Enduro Review: 100 (s)miles

When you’re running “short”, you don’t need to worry much about your feet. But if you’re often on your feet and your favourite distance is “far”, foot care is paramount.

Like most runners I discovered this, because: blisters. Small. Big. Not too bad. Really bad; one time I had one blister… the size of my foot and ankle! I lie... 2 blisters that size, one on each foot/cankle. And then I discovered mohair socks, and I thought I had found Heaven.

Balega Enduro socks in Altra Running Lone Peak 4's on the Addo Elephant Trail Run 2019
My foot in Altra Lone Peak 4’s and Balega Enduro’s at Checkpoint 16 at Africa’s Wildest Ultra, the Addo Elephant Trail Run by Richard Pearce Photography

Mohair is a natural fibre. It breathes and protects your skin. It thermo regulates your feet in all temperatures. When wet from sweat or rivers or snow, mohair gets that water away from your skin, keeping you drier sooner and blister resistant.

Now add some cleva Balega tech and cool design:  you have extra support where you need it most (your feet) and you become a fashionista.

That tech, over the long run (100 Addo miles in my case), might seem small and insignificant, but if you multiply that support of 5% per step x 100 miles you begin to realize how little distraction your feet give and just how much easier it is to keep your focus on the important things: food, water, and fun. 

Balega Enduro, Bhuti! 10/10 for them socks.

WIN A PAIR OF TWO: Donate to #RazeABar and benefit some awesome charities. Businesses can request donations certificates, Section 18a, et al. Message me... 

And you can buy your own here, too: https://shopbalega.co.za/

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