13 March 2019

The last pre-Addo pep talk

There has been plenty of time to make friends and to self reflect;

Time allotted for blending life and respect

Is given to all who take it...

And more is often given to those that use it wisely

In the service of self and others.

I don't participate in an event "for others", I do it to "raze" my "bars,

Pushing boundaries beyond what I thought was too far.

In my doing, you may or may not learn that the same is true for all who take a step, two...

And with professional help, a hand up from you and yours, you may also learn what leaves you better and others too.

Details of how you can track myself and the Malkoppies, Bianca and Chris who are also raising funds through #RazeABar, will be posted to fb.me/razeabar during the course of today or before the run starts on Friday at 2pm.

Go on... we urge you...
Donate now:
Steven: https://www.backabuddy.co.za/champion/project/razeabar2019-upiufd
Malkoppies: https://www.backabuddy.co.za/champion/project/malkoppies-take-on-addo-100-miler


  1. Go for it Steve! Just being in the arena you're already a winner in my books. Well done. Now try enjoy the experience.

  2. Thank you! Its tough going through all the training... we'll see how tough it is running 100 miles in one go in the bush.


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