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Ultra Trail Drakensburg... Part 1

“Respect the mountain,” said Tobie Reynecke to the other 5 of us trekking up the Black Mountain. If ever there is to be a 100 miler club in SA, Tobie will be the first life member. He has completed 54 to date and attempted a few more!
The Ultra Trail Drakensberg 100 miler (UTD) starts at 11am, at 2900m up. We were less than a marathon into 100 miles, feeling the cold seeping through layers of clothes. We had traversed the edge of the Drakensburg escarpment on the Lesotho side seeing the sunlight play with clouds, buttes and ridges; it was all spectacularly breathtaking. You can picture dragons hording treasures in inaccessible lairs here. And Tobie was warning both the uninitiated and experienced in our group: "Respect the mountain".
Oliver and I had shared a good few miles together on the ridge, swapping stories of family, life and running. He is an accomplished ultra athlete and I’m jealous of his speed! Andrew Booth organizes the Karkloof 100, the last of #RunAMUK’s 100 m…

Dot watching

Have you done it before?

What gets you (or would get you) dot watching?

I'm CHALLENGING you to watch my dot as it travels this Ultra Trail Drakensburg route, and for every 1 mile I travel (1.6km) I hope you'll donate a dollar or a Rand to #RazeABar.

Track me:

Donate: (Please message me if you're having issues donating and we WILL find another way)

PS: you don't have to watch it the whole time/way ...
PPS: consider sharing this with a friend... the aim is to impact 100000 lives this year by raising a million ZA Rand (US$69000)
PPS: Each donation of R100 will gain a lucky draw entry! If you donate R10k or more, I might organize you a special thank you 😉

chocolate happiness

It is "that" time of year where the chocolate is hidden around the gardens and houses, with evidence of bunnies or other generous creatures is left, to remind us: Hope, Life, Love.

It is part of my big "Why". We are blessed to be able to partake in one measure or another. And because we are alive we can give something: time, money, expertise.

Forget those new year resolutions... make your Easter resolution be to "LIVE".

And we cannot truly be alive alone. We need to give, to be among others. And what better way than to give to those who make the most impact. This is the reason I have chosen these four charities for #RazeABar... professional, effective service to those who need it most.

May you be blessed as you LIVE!  <- Donate here, or dm me at for donations directly to the charities on behalf of #RazeABar! Thank you ;)

Do fun and run go together?

This morning I ran with an expert thinker (and doer). Someone who got me thinking about life again, and influencing forces around us... the "uBuntu" principle (I am because we are). Thank you, EC. EC's "job" is framing things and reframing them to leave our world a better place.

With just 6 weeks from the Addo Elephant Trail Run to Ultra Trail Drakensburg, and knowing that only 4 weeks thereafter is Mac Mac, I ask myself (like many others do): Is running fun?

Honestly, I've told people that running itself is not "fun". It isn't. It is a constant pounding of the feet up into the ankles, legs and back. Does it sound like water torture. It can be torturous.

Or you could re-frame that and say that running is meditative. Repetitive actions and breathing are an aide to focused thought.

You have three real inputs into your mood while being "out there". They are your body (hydration and nutrition are your biggest factors here), your mind, a…


Being a coastal runner has many huge benefits. Two of the main ones are that there is plenty of oxygen to suck in, and the climate tends to be rather temperate (never too hot, and never too cold). So training well and often is relatively "easy".

The pic here is of myself and Dawn (our 2nd summit) and Chantal and Ronald (of Ultra Running SA fame) on their 1st summit of the Lady's Slipper "mountain" as we prepared for Addo. You can see its not that high and that is the sea in the background. If you do be fit  this mountain really be just a hill.

So what scares me most about Ultra Trail Drakensburg? Yip... you guessed it: Altitude!
From the race website: "The race will start at Sani Mountain Lodge (The Highest Pub in Africa), at 11h00 on Friday 26th April, and head into Lesotho on a circuitous route that is almost entirely above 3000m (9842ft) in altitude. A number of high points will be passed with the highlight of these being Thabana Ntlenyana at 3482m (11…

Running is a team sport

This is me referring you back to "that time" I did the Washie 100... most everyone I knew (except maybe Allister) thought I was crazy to have finished it; and even crazier to think carrying on running was a "good" idea. There was one MAJOR difference in my approach to Addo, and that was to get professional help for my body. For reference, on the left is a picture of me approaching about 148km (appropriately we had just passed a cemetery where another photo was taken and that was posted to social media with the caption: "proof of life"). Here you can see just how tight and pulled my body was... nothing was working correctly at this stage, but there was no way I wasn't going to finish!
Since then... Ilona Hearne Biokineticist! Thank you Ilona for getting me "straight".
From massage to a journey of realignment and success -by Ilona Hearne Biokineticist 17th of January 2019. Summer. The off season for a lot of athletes, professional and otherw…

Love running?

Running is a funny thing... either you love it, or you don't. If you love it, it gets a little more complicated: fast, slow, short, long, easy, hard, groups, alone, bla bla bla.

In Nelson Mandela Bay I am fortunate, along with Justine Sim, to have been appointed as a brand ambassador for the international sock brand, Balega. In the local vernacula "balega" means "run". And we like to keep it simple and fun 😊

Whether you run to the toilet, for the icecream truck, parkrun's weekly 5km or a blerry long way like a 100 miles and more, it don't matter. You run. And tonight we did... here are some images of the fun we had... and the opportunity to give away 3 pairs of these awesome socks!

We were joined by about 30 people in all... and made 3 of them just a little happier than run-endorphin happy with a new pair of socks.

To win a few more pairs... follow this blog OR and help out a great cause!