21 April 2019

chocolate happiness

It is "that" time of year where the chocolate is hidden around the gardens and houses, with evidence of bunnies or other generous creatures is left, to remind us: Hope, Life, Love.

We're giving the OLLI (One Land Love It) symbol before Addo,
not showing you how big your Easter Eggs need to be ;)
It is part of my big "Why". We are blessed to be able to partake in one measure or another. And because we are alive we can give something: time, money, expertise.

Forget those new year resolutions... make your Easter resolution be to "LIVE".

And we cannot truly be alive alone. We need to give, to be among others. And what better way than to give to those who make the most impact. This is the reason I have chosen these four charities for #RazeABar... professional, effective service to those who need it most.

May you be blessed as you LIVE!

https://www.backabuddy.co.za/champion/project/razeabar2019-upiufd  <- Donate here, or dm me at fb.me/razeabar for donations directly to the charities on behalf of #RazeABar! Thank you ;)

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