13 April 2019

Do fun and run go together?

Balega Grit & Grace socks... an example of uBuntu
This morning I ran with an expert thinker (and doer). Someone who got me thinking about life again, and influencing forces around us... the "uBuntu" principle (I am because we are). Thank you, EC. EC's "job" is framing things and reframing them to leave our world a better place.

With just 6 weeks from the Addo Elephant Trail Run to Ultra Trail Drakensburg, and knowing that only 4 weeks thereafter is Mac Mac, I ask myself (like many others do): Is running fun?

Honestly, I've told people that running itself is not "fun". It isn't. It is a constant pounding of the feet up into the ankles, legs and back. Does it sound like water torture. It can be torturous.

Or you could re-frame that and say that running is meditative. Repetitive actions and breathing are an aide to focused thought.

You have three real inputs into your mood while being "out there". They are your body (hydration and nutrition are your biggest factors here), your mind, and the surroundings (people and environment).

Nutrition and hydration will keep you going all day, night and more if you get it right; and you'll be "happy" doing it! Ask the Mungrals and any 200+ miler. Your mind also needs to be saying, "I can do this, I can beat hard things". And you can! Don't be stupid and do stuff you can't do, or run on a broken foot... Common sense needs to be very common in your life ;) But I think you'll get what I'm saying, that tough people outlast tough times every time. This is where your mind comes in, and why I have my life word as "perspective". You need to know the good and the bad and reference each of them to maintain that ying and yang... a balance. And lastly enjoyable surroundings make your activity worth investing both your body and mind into it... its good for the soul! Good friends, good places to run, good things to eat and drink on the way.

So, if you'd like to chat to me while you're out there... invite me along for some torture... or meditation! We'll make running fun.

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