25 April 2019

Dot watching

Have you done it before?

What gets you (or would get you) dot watching?

I'm CHALLENGING you to watch my dot as it travels this Ultra Trail Drakensburg route, and for every 1 mile I travel (1.6km) I hope you'll donate a dollar or a Rand to #RazeABar.

Track me: https://app.sportraxs.com/en/race/utd160-2019/athlete/steven-lancaster?fbclid=IwAR1kwAvJ2UGlKg1JrQ3kMhmGqApsslVapNP5-8az9BF3a_KtUWvam0PNkUc

Donate:  https://www.backabuddy.co.za/champion/project/razeabar2019-upiufd (Please message me if you're having issues donating and we WILL find another way)

PS: you don't have to watch it the whole time/way ...
PPS: consider sharing this with a friend... the aim is to impact 100000 lives this year by raising a million ZA Rand (US$69000)
PPS: Each donation of R100 will gain a lucky draw entry! If you donate R10k or more, I might organize you a special thank you 😉

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