02 April 2019

Love running?

Running is a funny thing... either you love it, or you don't. If you love it, it gets a little more complicated: fast, slow, short, long, easy, hard, groups, alone, bla bla bla.

In Nelson Mandela Bay I am fortunate, along with Justine Sim, to have been appointed as a brand ambassador for the international sock brand, Balega. In the local vernacula "balega" means "run". And we like to keep it simple and fun 😊

Whether you run to the toilet, for the icecream truck, parkrun's weekly 5km or a blerry long way like a 100 miles and more, it don't matter. You run. And tonight we did... here are some images of the fun we had... and the opportunity to give away 3 pairs of these awesome socks!

We were joined by about 30 people in all... and made 3 of them just a little happier than run-endorphin happy with a new pair of socks.

To win a few more pairs... follow this blog OR fb.me/razeabar and help out a great cause!

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