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Radio interview: #RunAMUK to #RazeABar with OLLI

Kingfisher FM said: "They have moved from caring to doing and we were so blessed to have Steven Lancaster, the tree (haha!) and Wayne Bolton in studio with us on the SPAR Big Breakfast with Gareth Burley this morning! Please throw a few pennies into his hat (pounds better...) via Backabuddy (search #RazeABar). We appreciate the efforts of Steve and others such as Havilah Designer Jewellers and #FNB Volunteers who move us from caring to doing. #JointCustody #OLLI #OLLIMove #runAMUK to #RazeABar #macmacultra" 

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Suzuki: that brand!

A disclaimer is what I start with here... I own one. Undoubtedly my Alto is the best value for money I've owned; and of course it is discontinued. A few years ago I had the privilege of driving a Ciaz for a few hours and an Ignis that reminded me of the Tardis!

When the Suzuki Ciaz was launched in South Africa in April 2015, it was headed with the words, “A
touch of four-door class”. Yes. The Ciaz GLX comes with leather upholstery including the steering wheel . From when you sit to when you stand, this car is class. The design belies its supposed size. It is big for its class, ideal for a growing family to transport. Looking at the outside is easy on the eye, too; not in the super-model kind of way, rather in the familiar city popular looks kind of way.

The standard safety features (here I’m thinking of that family again) on all models are good. The only feature missing from the GL is the front fog lamps, which in South Africa will only be missed once every couple of years. I'…

Travails of trail to the head...

"Will I make it to Mac Mac Ultra?"

This last 10 days has been a matter of will and finding a way. After my falls on UTD, with the old ankle injury causing me to adjust my running style for a "loose foot", I've not been sure I have enough recovery time to sort out a couple of niggles... And so ended my #RunStreak.

Ilona Hearne Biokineticist has been working hard to get the tight tendons and muscles to relax and fire naturally. We're getting there. Its a race against the clock I must win; I will win! The funny thing is, its a race to relax...

"On your marks! Get set! ... ... R. E. L. A. X.!" #MindBlown
And so I've been doing some thinking and planning instead. (But more on that in future posts.) The aim for Mac Mac next week Friday is to finish. Just finish. Take it easy uphill, easier downhill, and relax on the flats. 

Ultra Trail Drakensberg... Part 3

Catch up with UTD Part 1.Catch up with UTD Part 2.
Strapped. Fed. Hydrated. Champing at the bit. We were about to leave Cobham. All 3 of Deon, Tobie and me ready to move through the night. Tobie stops us about 100 meters out and says, “I’m going to hold you two back, and jeopardize your finish. Go.” Deon and I looked at each other as Tobie adjusted his pack. “No, we’ll stay with you”. “Go,” Tobie insisted. Again, we exchange looks, check that Tobie is really serious and not just saying it. We all know that he is most likely giving up his finish so that we will have a chance… It really is that fine. We will have to be marching and “running” at 4km an hour.
If you’re a road runner reading this you’ll laugh at nearly 4km an hour (15 minutes per kilometre). It is seriously slow even on challenging roads. Knowing you’ve got 50km to go (if you don’t get lost) over some serious climbs and descents with little visibility and challenging temperatures… and you’ve been going for 115km already (ac…

Ultra Trail Drakensburg... Part 2

“This is the hardest thing I have EVER done”, was a thought that returned to my consciousness regularly going up Thabana Ntlenyana. And it was true, but not present as we left Lesotho. Here's the first part of this race report if you haven't read it yet.
The first sunset and sunrise had passed. The doctor had said I must go… Coffee/hot chocolate mix, banana bread and left over Neolife bar were my breakfast. I put a fresh pair of socks on (because they were there; my feet were still fine). Off, out of the door. Tobie followed shortly behind as we headed up the road, turned left through the border and… wow… what a view! No, not the four 100km guys watering the sidewalk, but the view of the sun rising up over the Underberg down Sani Pass. Glorious. And warm!
Knowing I was 3 hours behind my “ideal” time, but only 30 minutes behind my “take your time” time, and feeling relatively fresh (or so I thought), I decided to push a little going down the pass. It was the pass we’d driven up a…