16 May 2019

Travails of trail to the head...

"Will I make it to Mac Mac Ultra?"

This last 10 days has been a matter of will and finding a way. After my falls on UTD, with the old ankle injury causing me to adjust my running style for a "loose foot", I've not been sure I have enough recovery time to sort out a couple of niggles... And so ended my #RunStreak.

Ilona Hearne Biokineticist has been working hard to get the tight tendons and muscles to relax and fire naturally. We're getting there. Its a race against the clock I must win; I will win! The funny thing is, its a race to relax...

"On your marks! Get set! ... ... R. E. L. A. X.!"

And so I've been doing some thinking and planning instead. (But more on that in future posts.) The aim for Mac Mac next week Friday is to finish. Just finish. Take it easy uphill, easier downhill, and relax on the flats. 


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