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RnR: 5 tips to maximize your soul for sole

Rock n Roll     :     Rest n Recover     :     Rude n Rowdy     :     Rad n Ragged
We live in a world that suggests that we can go full tilt all the time; "sleep when you're dead."

#SpoilerAlert!     .....     .....     .....     .....     We can't be all that... Sorry. (Not sorry). 
I went from "nothing" to running 4 x 100 milers inside 11 months. Washie (July '18), and Addo / UTD / Mac Mac (2019 March, April, May). This included a 147 day run streak between 5 Dec and 28 April. Now I am IPOS (an @UltraRunningMemes term: Injured Piece of... ?Steven?). (PS, if you don't follow them on #Instagram, do it now... you'll learn lots!)

Did it go wrong for me? Yes, and no. It was a challenge I couldn't resist: a first of its kind in South Africa. I was "ready", but not as ready as I hoped. (Read why with Ilona Hearne Biokineticist.)

The head is strong, the body is stronger than it was and showing its frailty. And part of the Reason: No Res…

Perspective... just words.

When the going gets rough, the rough get going; when the going gets tough, the tough get going; make hay while the sun shines; the world is your oyster; get an inch and take a mile.

There are lots of variations on this thought... One of my favorites is attributed to Winston Churchill:
"When you're going through Hell: don't stop".
The flip side to this was presented to me today (Thursday, June 20 2019). My friend said: "Steven, do you know you're so blessed?" Yip... yip I do.

You may have read that "my" word is perspective. And that is it... we may be down or up: Learn. Experience. Grow. It will pass (as will we).

What is your plumbline? There are things older than us and the mountains (folded, sedimented or flat) and the water in them gives me a sense of self. Fitted with the clothes of fynbos, pines or waving grass, what lies beneath is most important.

Let me know what you use to maintain YOUR perspective!

Biokinetic realignment

If you didn't read up on why getting worked out properly was necessary, you can catch up by reading these two blogs (although, this stands alone as a great article, too!): The Washie 100 & Getting Straight 101. After that... our journey continues from Addo 100 to UTD 160, and then Mac Mac 100. Running is a team sport!
Grey hairs and journeys:by Ilona Hearne Biokineticist (#Guestblog)Boy oh boy I believe my grey hairs came faster in these few weeks leading up to Steven's training with new injuries from Ultra Trail Drakensburg (UTD) and Mac Mac. Thank goodness we have more time before his next 100 miler, Karkloof!

I am sure if you've read the blogs of UTD and Mac Man you will know all about his injuries. They might have been worse had we not started this journey together before Addo [I wouldn't have got through Addo...]. The commitment to training outside of his normal routine has strengthened him for these 100 milers.

Due to his fall at UTD we have had to do knee rehab…

Mac Mac Ultra 100: Ear worms and elevators!

What are the effects you can expect from doing 100 miles on foot? Hunger. Tiredness. Hallucinations. Blisters. Bruises. Toenail funerals. Sleep monsters. And others... Nobody mentions EARWORMS... [definition: a catchy song or tune that runs continually through a person's mind. I might amend that...]

Legends are made from stories. Sometimes they are true. Sometimes they have music.
Make sure you pick a good tune if you choose an earworm as a pet. The Cranberries version of "Zombie" is a good tune. For the first 15 hours. Thereafter... you're the zombie! But, I'm ahead of myself. There were three sections to my Mac Mac adventure: the first part where I felt good: 11 miles. The second part where I wondered if I'd make it: 70 miles. The last part that I'll just call "Zombie": 19 miles.
Ideal race preparation goes "smoothly" and is "stress free". A few niggles that hampered recovery and training in the 2 weeks leading up to the r…