13 June 2019

Biokinetic realignment

If you didn't read up on why getting worked out properly was necessary, you can catch up by reading these two blogs (although, this stands alone as a great article, too!): The Washie 100 & Getting Straight 101. After that... our journey continues from Addo 100 to UTD 160, and then Mac Mac 100. Running is a team sport!

Grey hairs and journeys:

by Ilona Hearne Biokineticist (#Guestblog)

Boy oh boy I believe my grey hairs came faster in these few weeks leading up to Steven's training with new injuries from Ultra Trail Drakensburg (UTD) and Mac Mac. Thank goodness we have more time before his next 100 miler, Karkloof!

I am sure if you've read the blogs of UTD and Mac Man you will know all about his injuries. They might have been worse had we not started this journey together before Addo [I wouldn't have got through Addo...]. The commitment to training outside of his normal routine has strengthened him for these 100 milers.

Due to his fall at UTD we have had to do knee rehabilitation and keep his cardio-vascular fitness. Because Steven now knows his body better and how it's suppose to feel when "its working", he thinks about and stops compensation in as much as its possible. He does this due to the damage it will cause to that which we have worked to correct and fix.

When he returned from Mac Mac I was faced with more challenges on top a still sore knee... So not only knee rehabilitation but added to this was a left foot (bridge) that was injured, his ITB and compensation of the right foot due to the foot injury on the left.. Sjoe... So... right knee, left foot, left ITB and back! Rehab central here we come... My plan ahead is keeping his cardio-vascular fitness, increasing dynamic stretching, knee strengthening exercises, and because he had a sore back in the past (some days still a bit sore, less than before) his hamstrings and glutes need to be stretched [is that a rack and pinion I see in my future?]. 

In the previous blog I mentioned Steven's posterior sling and how all the imbalances in his muscles had affected his performance and how we then got his muscles to act in unison they are "behaving" better and his recovery and rehabilitation time has shortened. But I always work on the side of caution, some days adding a spanner in the works to make things interesting and push him just a bit more than normal, like the day I got him doing reverse lunges... I wonder if we should make that blindfolded next time, Steven?

After one particularly interesting session, and because of his body responses, I asked: "so, are your quadriceps tight?" With a grin he said, "yes"... My reason for asking was because all the muscles on the back of his legs were tight, and so we loosened them, but his knee was still "complaining". I then lengthened his quadriceps, et al (due to long periods sitting they become shortened and this affects stride length and causes Lower back pain due to the illiopsoas muscles, the pectineus, rectus femoris and TFL becoming tight again from the poster or sling the muscles in front and up around the hip become tight (glutes medius,  TFL, glutes maximus, glutes minimus, piriformis, and all the small muscles right in the glute all the way down into the hamstring, calf and foot become tight)... 

We are however retraining some muscle groups, strengthening others and stretching others to make then respond the way we would like them to so Steven will finish his next race stronger and faster... 

It's not easy but it's a challenge I'm enjoying and seeing the smallest results makes my heart smile. 

Your whole body works together in order for you to function, it will have compensatory responses. My ultimate aim is to work with the body to create high performance. You cannot work with a body that has faulty gait mechanisms and expect it to perform at its best.. Change the bodies faulty loading, faulty gait mechanism, faulty muscle contraction, faulty biomechanics and improve all round fitness and biomechanics. 

Ilona: "Remember small steps leads to huge results later."
Steven: "Yes, but when will I be able to run again?" <- The story of recovery...

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