16 July 2019

Dream. Run. Win!

You'll have saved the date: 28/29 September 2019. Its the Galaxy Bingo ONE12run!

You can win your entry... and 4 pairs of awesome Balega socks!

We have FOUR passionate, effective charities that will benefit from your efforts &entry fees.

How do you win?
1 - start raising money! Tag us on the 'Book & the 'Gram and we'll help spread your fun'raising initiatives.
2 - get your friends and family to help you... even cheer you on the day! 
3 - get in touch if you have initiatives to sell anything on the day...we might be able to assist ;) (you just can't sell anything folk can buy at Grass Roof, please 😉 )
4 - raise the most for our charities!

Of course, Balega is a South African brand who lives the "uBuntu" philosophy. And as a Balega Impi for 2019, one our our organizers has organized these four pairs of awesome socks for the winner (individual OR team)... be part of "us". Do One Thing to Make A Difference ... ... ...

PS: You can get folk to donate to the charities directly through our #BackABuddy campaign! That way, your donors KNOW everything is above board!
PPS: If you're a business and need certificates for your donation, please get in touch with us by email (info@getsteve.co.za) OR call Steven at 0760275280.


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