07 July 2019

Galaxy Bingo ONE12run

If you like testing your limits... or the limits of team mates, then this if for YOU! If you love fun, then this is ALSO for you 👆

Go for the 12 hour or 50km alone... if you dare. Or get involved with a 5km loop of the Grass Roof parkrun route (unlike the main events, we won't complain if you cut it short 😜).

WE EXPECT the TEAM EVENT to BE VERY COMPETITIVE and it will create an awesome vibe. So get your fast mate (or 3 of them) to team up to #RazeABar. Raise funds to support our 4 awesome charities and you could win your entry fee back and 4 pairs of socks. Teams of 2 or 4 people can enter our relay event.

Entry forms will be available shorty! Email, comment or call us now (0760275280) to book your spot.

Corporate and/or club teams will have prime space next to the course to set up their gazebo/branding! Book your spot NOW... click here.

  • Comment before 15 July here: Facebook.com/ONE12run
  • Raise the most money for our four awesome charities and win your entry fee back... and FOUR pairs of #BalegaBestSocksEver
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