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Where DOES the money go?

"Run", they said. "Its cheap. All you need is a pair of shoes". What they don' know is that shoes, socks, shorts and tops, nutrition, training and more things all have a role to play in keeping gremlins at bay! Blisters, chafe, toenails, body warmth, hydration levels.

But this post is not about that... this post is about #RazeABar. Four charity beneficiaries. All very different, but sharing 3 key critical things.

1 - PASSION (not the fruit...)
When you're hungry for something, it helps to feed that hunger. This goes for your stomach as well as your soul. Each of these four charities are led by people passionate to make a difference. You know when you fell in love for the first time and the energy you put into that relationship? Well, these folks put that energy in to their work every single day. They "feel" it!

They do what they say. Simples. Their books are audited and the bulk of the money goes to making that difference in their communities, animal, human and African (our Africa).

Get Effective!
3 - EFFECTIVENESS (not reflective...)
Why buy and eat food if it doesn't do what it should? Why buy a car for transport that doesn't have tires? Why buy petrol if all it does is sit in a can in your garage? Between these four charities, they reach about 100,000 beneficiaries every single year. Kids (both human and animal), calves, orphans, injured, sick, dying, families that support that need support. Your support enables lives to change.

Have you ever had to go to school or work hungry? Not because you've spent money on another pair of shoes, but because your family has nothing. Let alone having no Christmas... ever. ~ The Herald Christmas Cheer Fund

Have you ever sat with a child dying, too sick to move? Because sometimes there is nothing you can do, but be present for them... for their mother, or father, or siblings? ~ Rainbows and Smiles Foundation

Have you ever watched a clearly breastfeeding dog scouring and scavenging the streets and wondered how many pups she has? And how many of them will survive sickness and hunger? ~ South African Veterinary Association's Community Veterinary Clinics

Have you ever wondered if there will be rhino, or lion, or elephants for us to marvel at in the wild... in just 25 years time? A generation or two? ~ One Land Love It



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