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Its a marathon...

How often have you heard the saying, "Its a marathon, not a sprint"?

Well, this year has been both for me! Squeezing in 4 100 milers, training and recovery for them, a busy little family and new business opportunities has been stressful. Something has to give... Self care won't be the thing that gives; this blog has been "ignored" more than I would have liked.

So, I'll be migrating communication methodologies... what works for you? Comment, mail, call, or get hold of me at

Of course I have loved the journey of #RunAMUK; and linking it to #RazeABar has given it all some perspective. There are ideas floating around for next year... I'd love to do it again, but it hinges hugely on the support of my community (family, friends, business, the world in general).

Some things require a sprint. Sometimes a sprint has to be reserved for the last mile of a race where a slow burn has kept you in contention. And sometimes it requires you shed some e…