01 September 2019

19 sleeps to Karkloof

There is preparation, and then there is preparation. The body is as ready as it could be considering all the hiccoughs these last 3 months.

The head needed a little comfort. So today, I headed for the hills and "proper" trail. There is nothing like a little effort in "native" territory to make you glad you're a trail runner. 3 Rivers Trails and Crossways have some great running, from jeep tracks and single track to medium and technical trails on the flat and with some ascent or descent. Watch - Your - Step! (Glad my feet were in #BalegaBestSocksEver today... it was dry and hard).

Am I ready? Yes. Will I complete #RunAMUK... yes, bar anything over which I have no control. Did I #RazeABar? Well... I need a little more help there 😜

  • Donate here: BackABuddy (everything goes to the charities... not to me!)
  • OR sign up to the Galaxy Bingo ONE12run on 30 September to see how many loops of the Sardinia Bay parkrun you can complete in 12 hours at Grass Roof, Nelson Mandela Bay!

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