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Galaxy Bingo ONE12run

Once in a while a person gets to multitask in the best possible way... by combining things you love:
1 - run
2 - encourage others to run
3 - chase dreams
4 - create an environment for others to chase dreams
5 - contribute to societal change through effective charitable organizations

The Galaxy Bingo ONE12run was all of that! And memories :)

#LancasterLight was probably the youngest participant, and he completed short of 5km, but accompanied the oldest participant as he went around the course with #FatherLancaster (aka the retired Reverend Howard Lancaster) and needed to give the old man some tlc out there on the course... #MotherLancaster was grateful to see them return in tact and provided all the encouragement to me.

The runner that stole all the hearts was Kent_the_best_trail_dog... I mean, just look at him!

Charlo Athletics Club... what can you say when a club joins together and enters 4 teams (okay, MV-cubed was one short and their secret weapon did complete 6 laps all under 20 …