05 October 2019

Galaxy Bingo ONE12run

Once in a while a person gets to multitask in the best possible way... by combining things you love:
1 - run
2 - encourage others to run
3 - chase dreams
4 - create an environment for others to chase dreams
5 - contribute to societal change through effective charitable organizations

The Galaxy Bingo ONE12run was all of that! And memories :)

#LancasterLight was probably the youngest participant, and he completed short of 5km, but accompanied the oldest participant as he went around the course with #FatherLancaster (aka the retired Reverend Howard Lancaster) and needed to give the old man some tlc out there on the course... #MotherLancaster was grateful to see them return in tact and provided all the encouragement to me.

The runner that stole all the hearts was Kent_the_best_trail_dog... I mean, just look at him!

Charlo Athletics Club... what can you say when a club joins together and enters 4 teams (okay, MV-cubed was one short and their secret weapon did complete 6 laps all under 20 minutes, but Charlo's penguins brought the spirit! Thank you! And thank you Mvuyisi Gcogco for stepping it up.

There were two 50km participants, with Obey Mtetwa cruising to the top spot easily under 5 hours. Danny Darne held on manfully for 2nd place and his longest, furthest run ever. We see many long, happy trail hours for you both.

12 hours is a long time to run... and to commit to it is impressive enough. However, the two that pitched up on the day are both ultra runners and easily capable of nailing high mileage by themselves. Both Allister Marran and Johan Britz sprinted out the blocks, and then held on as they diced each other over the course to see who would clock the most laps. Johan pipped Allister by 1 lap. Getting your first podium is special as both these guys will tell you! #RunToWin...

There were many that beat or improved their longest distance days on Sunday last. Our kudos goes out to you! You rocked the Grass Roof parkrun route.

To our sponsors and service providers... you've made a substantial donation to our charitable efforts that will create change in many people's lives. Well done and thank you for helping everyone there make memories.
Naming sponsor: Galaxy Bingo
Special mention: S4 Integration
Venue plus!: Grass Roof
Others: ECMR, Richard Pearce Photography, Cellucity, Balega, Volvo, The Herald
Participants: you ALL rock...
And lastly, to the beneficiaries! What an honor representing you this year... just a few more weeks and we'll have a final figure from #RunAMUK & #ONE12run.

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