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Good habits are hard to break

This is not a philosophical post... if you don't like philosophy, skip to paragraph three
now 😜
Every coin has two sides; heads and tails. One side smiles and one wags. The one that eats and takes, and the one that poops and... wags. And because they both belong to the same solid object, they both have the same value...

"Is road running better or trail running?" This is a question guys like Tobie Reynecke and I get asked. We've both done some of both... Tobie has just done a lot more than my smidge! He told me his opinion, but that is for another post. This post is about ... well ... running. 
We've holidayed in the Karoo, South Africa, for nearly 10 years now. These last few years we've been to a friend's farms outside Graaff Reinett (Elandskloof) and in October 2019 to Martyrsford (click the link for more). (I'll have to get something up on our Elandskloof stay).
It gets hot. Even when it isn't hot, its fairly brutal for running. Ground cover i…

Cowboy Cottage

Cowboy Cottage, Martyrsford. #BigSkyCountry In the big backyard of a working Angora farm lies Cowboy Cottage. It is dry country with vast skies. The vegetation and rich animal life seeking out the oases of water are well adapted to the sun and wind. This Karoo gem is an ideal place to reconnect, and create good habits; good habits are hard to break.
On a flight toward a recent running race I read the in-flight magazine. It had an article about Japan, host country to the then impending Rugby World Cup. The author referenced the special stature given to aged companies over 100 years trading. Tradition. Creativity. Longevity. Deference for purpose-oriented integrity and relationship was prime. And of course, the final of that World Cup was due to be played on a dusty and windy Karoo morning where we had no signal.
#LancasterLight, our effervescent and inquisitive 4-year old had been looking forward to Cowboy Cottage for weeks. We’d been hearing about Buzz, Woody, tractors, and all the thing…