29 December 2019

Before the 2020's begin... Thank you

A month has gone. I have needed to and felt like writing... but time.
Priorities? Family. Work. Running. The rest.

I've been very grateful for friendships made at work and running. It has enabled me to do things that others wouldn't have been able to, because I've been able to "multi-task". So, thank you...

As 2019 draws to a close I have a few special thank you's (in no particular order):

  • Allister Marran - the person who got me into this ultra malarkey!
  • Andy W - your quiet behind-the-scenes support of the sport in Nelson Mandela Bay and South Africa: it doesn't go unnoticed.
  • Live Adventure Co... Sian, Sheena, you've created a monster (yes, this is punny). 
  • Balega South Africa for the socks and other little gifts for me and supporters. You've helped keep my soles happy and my soul full. 
  • Bradley Mac - your support of trail running and fair approach to business and life are an example to which I aspire. 
  • Each and every person and company who made a donation to the charities I supported this year... soul-filling. Special mention to Galaxy Bingo, Cellucity, A-Motus, Fresh Trails and Running Man Adventures.
  • The biggest sacrifice has come from my wife, child, and dogs... #LancasterLovely, #LancasterLight, #DaphneDuckDog, and #BansheeBeastDog. Thank you. I love you most of all.
As 2020 draws into sight, I know a few of the goals I have... they are written down. They are public with those who can hold me accountable. They are precious to me. 

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