27 November 2020

Chubby unicorns & "Eco"

I've always enjoyed being outside!

Join me in the Karoo
for a weekend of fun
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hear the story of the chubby unicorns...

Growing up in the 1970's and 80's we were allowed a freedom we don't dare give our kids today. At 10 years old I was by myself in a field barely 30 meters away from 2 chubby unicorns... being so close to two white rhino is a treasured memory, scary and marvelous. Could it happen today for a 10 year old? Will there be rhino's left in 10 years?

The word has changed. It has changed not only for us of the older generations, but for our kids, too. 

How are we going to allow it to change in the years ahead?

Chubby unicorns are a symbol of our dreams, and to a degree of the health of our attitude to Earth. Do we allow their numbers to dwindle and die, or not? Rhinoceros are not the only animals in grave danger at the hands of "humanity". 

In 2021 I will be teaming up with an organization that works in the "Eco-" space. This blog will share more of who, what, when, where, and how. 

Here I'm using "Eco-" as a pun in its short form: ecology and economy. These are being used in their broader senses. 

  • That is ecology will be used to mean both localized systems of life (from the rocks to the humans and all in between as well as how the world may impact that. Specific posts may reference specific parts thereof. 
  • That is economy refers to the area of "human trade" and how it impacts both the ecology as well as the communities participating in the economy.

Over the last 100 years rhino numbers have gone from 100,000 to less than 2,500. Fortunately because of conservation efforts their numbers are now climbing again. These figures are from the WWF. Poaching is pervasive and there are many organizations working at different levels to decimate the demand, protect existing animals, and rehabilitate those injured and orphaned.

2021 see's me going for an Eco-Ascent! Let's lift the world... #OurPlanet #OurGift #OurResponsibility... 

AND let's have FUN doing it TOGETHER.

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