23 November 2020

Trails and Tales with Steven

 A wonderfully different year 2020 has been for each of us... 

So to start off 2021 I will be asking you, "why do you run?"

2019 saw the Addo Elephant Trail Run hit temperatures mid 40'C (110F plus) and 2020 saw temps in excess of 50'C (122F plus...). It is a brutal race, even though it is in the most epic of settings. Yes, it is set in a national park in South Africa where you can see the Big 7!

How do you prepare for something like that? 

This is how... join me on the weekend of January 8-10 (Postponed, due to Lockdown Level 3 and Covid-19; new date to follow soon). See the poster for more details! 

I have big dreams for 2020... find out what they are! See if you wanna join the fun! But at least learn how to beat the heat.

Running, recovery, stories tall and true at a great venue to learn and have fun... come March 2021 you'll be ready to run Addo!

Call me, mail me, dm me on FB or Insta... just book your spot before its too late. 
Very limited spaces... and special treats for all who come courtesy of some "friends". 

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