20 December 2020

Birthday week 2020


My birthday week

What do I want for my birthday (after my #1... time with family, obvs)?

1 - to have some quality time with folk at #TrailsAndTales

2 - to have you support www.charity.cellucity.co.za with R20 (where you can also win something from Cellucity as Sharon goes for a Guinness World Record)

3 - for you to diarize 26 March 2021 (read to the end... not long, I promise 😀)

4 - to say "thank you" to all my supporters.

Firstly... thank you to the following companies for your support and loyalty through this year:

Balega South Africa have the best socks. The company ethic of really creating a team spirit through caring right into their outreach programs speaks volumes. #ubuntu

Aspire #LiveFit offered to coach me to my goals this year, which changed drastically because of Covid, and in the end were delayed to Twenty Plenty Fun (2021). You've taken my training to the next level. 

Cellucity... when your employer gets behind you offering more than just a job... #ImBlessed.

Squirrels Nut Butter has kept me running smooth! 

So that is points 1, 2 and 4 addressed... but wait... there's another logo there!

And that logo is what all the hints and allegations and build up was about at the start of 2020! Then the day before we were due to go live: Covid lockdown. Now we know where we are, and what we can do about it. So I ask in my birthday week that you: 

Diarize March 26 2021

Budget some money to support something economic, something ecological, something high, something long... You could support and win, you could purchase some paraphernalia, or you could share the word with your friends. All support welcomed.

If you have a company with year end between NOW and JUNE 2021, and you're looking to improve your BEE scorecard, or opportunities for Section 18a donations... you need to get in touch. We may not correlate to what you need, but the chances are we cover your goals in our outreach projects already! (Plus, I know a few people in the charity field 😉)

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