30 December 2020

Twenty Plenty Fun or 2020 won?

I do not subscribe to the "power of positive thinking" movement's ethos. Thinking positively and my actions alone cannot change my life. Accidents and plagues happen.

Sure, having a positive frame of mind makes a difference, but the bottom line it is only one ingredient in the recipe, and a minor one at that.

So what will make 2021 better for me (and you) than these last twelve months?

There are a few things about which I think that help me...


Black Lives Matter. Feminism Matters. If all I have is me, I am nothing... I am because we are, and when you hurt, the focus must be on you.

Get some rituals.

I wake up and make coffee for #LancasterLovely and breakfast for everyone to start the day, and she makes the beds. We sit 5 nights a week in the dining room and talk about the day, week, year, and life in general. Even the 5 year old is allowed to contribute his immense imagination. We try to also get him to eat! (This will be a fun memory in a few years time).


Feel everything. The good, the bad, the funny, the ugly. Then think about it. Dissect it and test it and keep only that which moves you toward where you want to be. Recognize this will take time. Be patient. Feel.

Bear in mind that you will get it wrong often; error is good. Acknowledging it is better. Not doing it again is best.

Let's make it Twenty Plenty Fun... 

So if you feel like 2020 won, please reach out... call me. Call a friend. I will listen. 

Together, as team, we can make it Twenty Plenty Fun as we feel every day of the next 365, live them, learn, and have plenty memories to look back on with a smile.

Oh... and focus on something big... like I'm doing for March 26th, 2021! Have you diarized that date yet?

#MaskUp #PhysicalDistance #Sanitize

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