31 January 2021

Setting goals changes things

Last week I laid my goal out here: 7.45 to 8 hours of sleep a night. (Were you awake enough to catch the pun?)

Well, I failed. By minutes. I then had a nap yesterday and pushed the average to 7 hours 50... so, did I make it?

What do I need to change this week to hit that goal without the nap? Screen time before putting the phone down. Easy. 

I listened to a podcast with Dr. Ivan Misner this week on "givers gain". In it he quoted someone (forgive me... I'll go and find out and let you know) saying wisely: "give from your saucer, not your cup". So to my second point...

Something I won't leave to chance is the opportunity to challege racism, sexism, or privilege overpowering the weak. Occasionally it means I get less sleep. But right now, I have projects in the pipeline to pull solutions and change into focus, 3 people at a time. 

Drop me an inbox on FB or Insta... Happy to chat, challenge and be challenged!

Let's talk... #TrailsAndTales (It ain't just a runner thing).

And next weekend, I'll announce one of these little plans. You three can expect calls tomorrow!

"For in sleep we dream, and in dreams we create, perchance to live free and in commune with Earth and each "other". "

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