17 January 2021

Teamwork - 7 tips to get your best team

There is only one starting point to your team... knowing who is on it.

My team includes my family, my boss and some work colleagues, my biokineticist, my life coach, my athletics coaches, my training partners, and some key brands who support my dreams. 

Make no mistake, these relationships are mutual... I am on their teams as well! It is give and take for each of us. Let's "run" together...

Here are a few tips on choosing YOUR team!

  1. Pick experts. Knowledge built on logical education is key. The more knowledge available to the team, the more solid the foundation.
  2. Pick experience. This, combined with knowledge, allows your team to "intuit" great answers quickly.
  3. Shore up your strengths before working on your weaknesses. If you lose your strengths, all you have are weaknesses. So have someone who adds to your personal strengths on your team.
  4. Prepare for the worst... you likely won't need it, but you need to know what you should do. This saved my life (possibly) or at least my kidneys! Unless you're a pessimist, it may be a good idea to include one on the team. They will help you prepare for the worst, but with the other members now fully engaged in avoiding the worst case scenario, your chances of success just quadrupled.
  5. Your team should be able to communicate with you and each other... effectively. Look for those who give you the Spanish Inquisition.
  6. Look for those who know how to make a plan when the going gets tough! The original plan is great, and necessary, but the real successes come when adapt it to meet the challenges.
  7. Look for passion... especially the passion for their role in your team. They should want to be great at what they do.

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