03 January 2021


WII-FM. A radio station? An #earworm? No... a common sales acronym, actually. 

What's In It For Me. What does your prospect want out of this? What's in it for them? A buckle for a 100-mile finish?

I'm not your ordinary guy. I think we are in this planet together with each other: humans, animals, plants, water, rocks, dust. Everything. In scientific terms: its all matter. 

And healthy matter is important. So when something is unhealthy, or not well, or just "down" from where it should be, then we need to all focus on getting it back healthy, well, and "up". This is why #BLM, #Conservation, and other forms of restitution are important. They right the balances.

Nature is great at reclaiming, redistributing and restoring. So many lessons can be learned from it. 

Probably my favorite memory from 2020 was sweeping the last 60km of the Addo Elephant Trail Run with George Minepetros. It was brutally hot with temperatures exceeding 50 degrees Celsius. We picked up the last runner, Altie, after "Ellie's Tavern", about 30km out. She shuffled on. She slept. She walked and hiked. She made it. George's cutting insights kept her focused, while I joked and distracted. Each of the aide stations volunteers played their parts so that Altie received her brilliant Addo buckle... 

Then Covid hit. Lockdowns, challenges to physical, economic and mental health became everyday battles. And Jack Ma said, "the first order of business now is to survive. If you survive you are already in profit". And I think that perspective is exactly on the button...

That perspective:

  • is how Altie finished 100 miles
  • how you (and I) survived the challenges of a plague
  • what we need to maintain for 2021 especially
  • what we need to help others do for going forward... WII-FM is also how I help others... uBuntu, if you will: I am, because you are.
This could lead me into why I believe a universal basic income is good within a capitalist-styled system that offers greater reward for those wanting more; how a cap on wealth might be a good idea; and how most people actually do want to contribute to your success and the long-term health of the planet, but that is for another arena.

Today: perspective. Survive, find fun where you can. Love.

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