07 March 2021

A Change Will Do You Good.

Decades back I didn't run and listened to Cheryl Crow. I quite liked the song, "A change will do you good". It isn't why I started running again!

When I started running regularly some 2 decades back, I did it for health reasons. There was no plan or desire to win. I had high cholesterol and needed a lifestyle change to do me good. I also averaged 5 glasses of red wine a week. Those two things worked.

Sadly my wine habit led to me thinking of wine as "medicine", so that was curtailed... but the running kept going. I started running 2 and 3 times a week, then 3 and four days a week.

To pique my interest I began "planning" runs: races and paces and mileage and time were elements I looked at. It took me to Cape Town to run Two Oceans 56km twice (I got no where near my goals).

It took me nearly 15 years to consider listening to experts. 15 years. Wow. Rest, cross training, diet. And I still haven't won a race... but that is not the point of this post. I developed, and today's "running me" is a better person than last year's version.

Why is it important to be "better"? Who is looking, anyway?

My kid. Our kids. Our children... they're looking. I am NOT (only) talking about our flesh and blood kids. I am talking about those who post date our presence here. We all judge our history; and we should.

We don't change to forget who we are (pray we never forget), we change to improve who we are.

I have been thinking about basic economic & political principles with some judgement. Supply. Demand. Capitalism. Communism. Socialism. 

My thoughts have ranged over hills and around mountains to where "worth" lies (hidden or in plain sight). I am not in favor of captalism, where worth lies in comparisons between "have" and "have not" (and how much or little is that gap). I am not in favor of communism where worth lies only in collectiveness - it is similar to religious theories bordering on fatalism - and there is little personal account. So socialist then; with a twist of reward? I like that. Nobody should starve or sleep exposed or lack for healthcare and education. But if you want to eat a meal each day in a different location, then reward should be possible for harder work. Caring for others is not a weakness.

We need to call out actions that diminish worth and expose our Earth (people, animals, plants and inanimate "objects"). The worth in dust through to the worth in complex creatures is co-dependent. It has to be symbiotic, because if it is parasitic then we all perish in a big bang or a damp squib. But perish we do. If we survive, we prosper. 

So... hold your sibling to account... and again, your sibling is not just blood.

And run with me ;) 

#PlantATree #GrowTheFuture

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