18 April 2021

Nelson Mandela Bay

 This is my home.

Named for an icon. 

A Long Walk to Freedom... his memoire. 

I often think of the representation of that metaphor in my own hobby: ultra distance "running". Yes, there is much walking.

His walk included his whole life: my walk just a few days here and there. Privilege. I am blessed... and I will use it to be an ally to the "underdog". Mandela's walk included 27 years of hard forced labor.

History has a way of repeating itself under the leadership of amoral humans and those led by the thought that their fate is unchangeable. 

The most dangerous leaders are neither those elected nor those of means. Rather it is those that every day meet in the same threads, in the same fa├žade, in the same clothes, to make the same outcome; and perhaps one of them will get lucky with a few more "promotions" than the others and "have no more worries". Think of American politics over these last 5 years. Think of South African politics both under Apartheid and under Zuma.

We make the world in which we live. Let us live together for the togetherness; ubuntu (I am because I am with you).

I believe this ubuntu extends to the planet; our history shows many cultures taking advantage of rather than working with: parasitic behavior over symbiotic behavior. 

You may have seen movies like "Seaspiracy" and "Stroop: Journey into the Rhino Horn War". These show amoral structures in society, corporate and nationalist ideologies at their worst: it IS us. We are part of it. Until we all change it.


Its a long walk... made up by a lot of small actions; it will include both hard labor and rest.

Those with a measure of privilege should (and many do, make no mistake) all support the voices and the actions of those less fortunate. We should support Women and Black Business Forums. Diversity IS strength. Community IS unity.

So we need to look at linking our fate into that of the planet... because survival is broader than an individual, a family unit, a micro-culture.

We need to recognize it all. We need to acknowledge all the differences and celebrate the strengths and weaknesses they bring to the "whole" of us. 

So... let's give it tusks, shall we. Let's walk this road together.

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