11 April 2021

Being beaten and getting up better

I've had a dream for 18 months. Its a big dream, tall. It will require many steps; and contributions. 

When lockdown hit, the dream was deferred... and then again. Why? We wanted to do it well! We, ubuntu.

Last year there were a few others who "beat" me to that dream... folk that really deserve great kudos for their efforts. 

So what are we doing? That's right... Putting our heads down and going even better.

So we are building a team... No, I'm not telling you to "get in" now, or that you "must" join me! It certainly is not going to be easy if you do decide to commit. And I will hold you accountable to your commitment.

I'm asking you to spend to support a dream. Technically it isn't even my dream!! I'm asking if you'll invest money in our future together. And if you're really wanting to splash out, to spend some time with me, too.

I'm going to have to run far; its going to be hard, and there'll be some mountains to ascend to achieve this. 

There are two things I need you to support in order for us to do this: on "our" behalf. After all, we're citizens of Earth together and you may not want to run far and hard (or even at all... #LancasterLovely thinks my kind of running is a silly idea). 

If you have some spare change right now... 

  1. I'll be running The Tusker in July... they're fundraising to secure the Eden to Addo corridor, an ancient elephant migratory pathway that humans blocked over the last 400 years. With numbers of these giant creatures growing at Addo, wouldn't it be magnificent to see them spread their migratory habits down to the Garden Route again? Support here: Steven Lancaster - Tusker Corridor Warrior :: Champion Page | BackaBuddy : Goal of R25000 (USD 1700)
  2. You'll have to wait a little to hear (yes, you'll need to tune in) about my next adventure! For YOU as an individual, why don't you "plant a tree" in the desert. I wrote a few months back about the benefit of living in a green community; these benefits extend especially to those communities that are currently dust, tarmac, and high density dwellings. So planting a tree brings food, happier surroundings, and pleasing economic benefit. Do it... Plant a Tree | Community Conservation Fund Africa | CCFA Goal: 600 trees!

    • For clubs and businesses: get a cluster together. 10 trees is R3000 (USD 205).
      • Yes, there are statutory benefits to donating.
    • I'm also looking for a presenting partner (or two) who can showcase themselves for the duration of the campaign as well as in legacy materials.
There are a number of people that have already partnered or volunteered time and services. These include marketing, safety, coaching, marshalling, security, socks, etc. Do you want to give but don't know how? Message me here or on my social media... Facebook or Instagram

Are you in? Yes, NOW | Next month

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