25 April 2021

Trite bites and a 5 point plan that works

I can do it.
Achieve and believe and it will be.
Attitude determines Altitude.
Its a mountain... I can get over it. 
Be who you want to be.
With the new day comes new strength.

BUT... no. Sometimes life throws you something different.

And often its a deliberate action of someone else... it may or may not be designed to deflect/deflate you.
And often its just circumstances... for example, our bodies react differently at altitude! 

SO... don't take on the blame for things outside of your control.

In life we then have two choices: either go with "fate", or control what we can and enjoy whatever comes.


    A word... a philosophy. 

These are the things that work for ME. Bear in mind, what works for you will (most likely) be different...
1 - Spend time with family. Eat at the dinner table, go for that walk, play Uno (and don't keep score).
2 - Spend time with yourself. I run, far. It allows me to spend a little time with friends and some time with just me.
3 - Sleep 8 hours. Its great for your immunity and general mood. (I'm happy with 7+ hours, but aim higher).
4 - Encourage positive thoughts|feelings, but recognize all thoughts and feelings and deal with them duly.
5 -  Do what I can... work in my area of ability and with others who are strong where I am weak.

And then this week coming... wait for it ;) 

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