23 May 2021

May. Green.


It is nearly time for The Tusker. But this last weekend I watched a couple of strangers, and more than a couple of friends, complete between 50 miles and (nearly) 200 miles at the Mac Mac Ultra! (The best part for me was that I didn't get an earworm - lol... read here as to why).

What a privilege to watch the human spirit toil, train and fall, possibly to rise, or just triumph not quite effortlessly. Kudos to the athletes and the organizers for another fabulous weekend.

I see me in #LancasterLight. I see his mom, #LancasterLovely. I also see a future that I don't like... but one that we can change together, and I ask that you consider getting involved. Next week I'll let you know more details.

It may be our future... it may also be changed up.


What do colors mean to you? My father tells the story of buying what he thought were tan (light brown) shoelaces for a pair of work shoes that required some. My mother played along with his joke until he got to the till... where she let him know they were luminous yellow. His red/green deficient vision is a reminder to our family of all of our "blind" spots. My father handles his with humor and humility.

To me GREEN means life, trees, happiness, grass, flowers, content, and the opportunity to remind ourselves of the important things. 

There are studies on the benefits of flowers and plants on our mental health. How do you feel in spring when someone walks into your presence with a flower... just for you? Have you ever received a flower? Have you given a flower?

Plant that tree... or bush. Water it. Let it nourish your soul. Not just MAYbe... it will change your life.

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