09 May 2021

Trite bites continued

It is said that discipline keeps you going where motivation lacks.

It is said that inspiration wears off, which is why you need to renew it every day.

Trite. Not quite lies, but also not full truth.

Intrinsic worth is not dependent on culture, orientation or pigmentation... but that doesn't mean we should ignore them. It is not dependent on specie or even animation! If it weren't here, neither would we be as we are right now.

What does that mean to YOU and ME?

Sometimes we don't know that we don't know something (tautology is occasionally useful!) And so going into relationship or exploring relationship with our world around us we have to use this quiestion as a starting point:

    "Tell me more about yourself". 

How do I inspire when I don't have "inspiration to give"? 

How do I motivate when all I have is questions?

How do get up and go, when I have a twisted ankle?

Discipline sometimes fails... have a look at my messy desk :) (No, I'm not going to post a picture). 

Will power? I think I removed that from the dictionary!

Dreams? They're there. I can even see the steps. I know I can take the next step. 


So that I will do.

Tomorrow? There will be other steps to take tomorrow. I may do those then... but today, I sleep.

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