27 June 2021

Circles Concern Imagination Intent

Covid-19 has plagued too many. This week last it touched us. We've always been as careful as we can with the circumstances we've had to face. But it found what we all assumed was our most reclusive link! An aerosol virus is difficult to predict.

How do you react to adversity? I read a Stephen Covey book many moons back, possibly 25 years ago. One of the key take outs for me was the Circle's of our lives. He spoke of the circles of control, influence, and concern.

We should be interested in all the world has to offer; it feeds our imagination. And of course the goings on in our world affect life as we know it. The world and its happenings should be of concern (some more than others). This is our Circle of Concern.

, we can only control our actions. Have you ever tried to tell your toddler: "don't touch the sweet!"? How did that work out for you? We can control picking up the sweet and putting it properly away... our Circle of Control. 

Sometimes our influence works, and sometimes we need to attract others of influence to make a broader change together... a kid will listen to a teacher where they won't listen to their mom or dad. Ironic. 

Here's my take out: work where you're effective, and don't sweat where you're not. You can't change the world, but you can plant or adopt a tree! 

Last week we announced I'll be running a ridiculous amount of hill repeats to get you to Adopt-A-Tree... but this week I've been in isolation. What happens to training? (Well we only found out late Tuesday, so that meant a few days of running free; then throwing back to garden running like last year. I did sneak out one morning really early and saw nobody! And today, when allowed out I went either too fast or too short! haha

Imagine living in a village of patched houses made of iron, wood and plastic windows. Do you intend to stay there? What barriers can you see in front of you... you have none of your current friends. In fact, they probably drive straight past you standing on the side of the road. And your kids? Where are they? At school, you hope?

Imagine being able to give safe places for food to be grown... to people that will ensure the gardens are protected and cared for, that the trees will survive to adulthood providing shade, oxygen and better food security. Imagine. 

Intend to make a difference now... with what you have. With me, Adopt-A-Tree.

Adopt-a-Tree and help the "Greening the Community" project. Indalo Nursery will ensure the trees are cared for in the schools and safe places they are planted. They will bear fruit. They will change lives. It's less than a cup of coffee a day this month!

So to our Covid-19 affected family... Fortunately we all appear to be okay, in spite of contact. My small family, #LancasterLovely, #LancasterLight and I are out of isolation as of today. #FatherLancaster and #MotherLancaster have chosen to isolate longer, which I endorse: they were vaccinated this last Monday, and by Thursday should have 75-80% immunity! We pray for #BrotherLancaster, #SisterLancaster and her parents that they remain okay, too.

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