20 June 2021

Everesting: in the footsteps of Hilary (and van Bergen)

Of all the motivational quotes to which I have access, this one was chosen for me:

‘You don’t have to be a hero to accomplish great things – to compete. You can just be an ordinary chap, sufficiently motivated to reach challenging goals.’ (Sir Edmund Hilary)

And in order to stay motivated for my #BigDreamsLittleSteps moment in September I have teamed up with the Community Conservation Fund Africa and Indalo Indigenous Nursery. I'll be Everesting, they'll be raising funds and planting trees! We hope to have 600 trees for Kwa-Nobuhle township in Nelson Mandela Bay before my birthday (Christmas...). Yes, we'll be "Greening the Community". 

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What do all these words mean?

Everesting - pick a hill (any hill) and climb it as many times as necessary to accumulate the height of Mount Everest (8849m) in one activity... I hope to have 24 hours to do it (but that may be cut by curfew; as this event has already been postponed 18 months by said virus)

Tree planting - is all good and well, but if we don't have a safe place for these trees to survive and caring individuals and community to look after them, then its not sustainable and not worth the investment... this project is very much worth the investment.

So we have an invested community (mainly schools for now), and individuals taking care of these planted trees (Blackie and his team at Indalo). They'll be planting fruit trees (both food and economic benefit), hardwoods (shade and longevity), and spekboom (food and oxygen) in these schools. These trees will be visited on follow up occasions to ensure their survival and thriving. More will follow.

We have a connected and reputable organization collecting and accounting for the funds raised, the Community Conservation Fund Africa (CCFA). They were started by The Mantis Collection's Adrian Gardiner and the Accor Group's Adrian Boynton, and with such notable board members as the late Ian Player, Andrew Muir, and Mavuso Msimang, this organization is ideally placed to assist not only a community in Nelson Mandela Bay, but communities throughout Africa. 

Using programs such as these, we stabilize communities mental and physical health, as well as their economic well-being. In so doing we remove barriers that more privileged people don't have! And this creates easier access to greater socio-economic gains. 

All that I'll be doing is climbing a little hill 141 times... hopefully 20 more. Its a small effort in comparison to the number of little hills many others have to get over each day... Perspective allows me to use my privileges to highlight causes such as this, and I invite you to join me on this journey of ascent to a better ecology and safer economy for all.


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