04 July 2021

Get lost once in a while

Every good story meanders. Sometimes it even means something to someone.

When life is hard, breathe. 

When sleep is rare, breathe. 

When understandings seem more missed than stood on, breathe.

Breath brings a perspective being busy never will. And life is centered on air.

No signal was no problem, although on our Saturday walk we missed a clear path as we wandered up a kloof (gully/rocky valley) - and that could have been a problem. There are some lessons here, some meaning from our meandering!

We didn't make the top, although we were really close! #LancasterLovely and #LancasterLight are not mountain practiced. When it got really steep (40+ degrees at points) then #BansheeBeastDog was also less than happy - four paws or not! I carried him over some hairy obstacles a few times.

These last 6 months have been frenzied with a change of job and job spec for my wife and I respectively. We haven't really had a breather like this in a while... and we could have walked more, but really a 2-turned-4 hour exploration of Springlands Farm and Self Catering Cottages was great time together extending our family lore, and (almost) surprisingly good training for my exploits for Everesting and The Tusker later this year.

Always take first aid... we got scratched and jabbed by multiple bramble bushes, sharp rocks and dead wood. 

Always take clothes for all kind of weather; layer! You're in the mountains and you never know what could happen.

Always take emergency gear: I had a space blanket, a whistle, and emergency rations of food. 

Once I knew we had missed the path, and because I am experienced/know my limits, I stopped eating and drinking, but surreptitiously fed the dog, the son, and the wife. And then not so surreptitiously; "you will eat this now"! 

In the end we missed the top by about 300 meters, (but it may have been a little further considering there was a gully in the way, too). However, we scrambled down and laughed and cried and saw some friendly dogs at the Mountain Cottage.

We stayed at the River Cottage... and nearly booked it again soon. Maybe when its warmer :) We have, in fact, already booked our next stay. It helps that it is an animal friendly accommodation as I've been rather insistent on taking dear Banshee with on our adventures.

There are 4 cottages from which to choose - and a host of activities. Have a squizz at Springlands Farm Self Catering Cottages and their Facebook page. Maybe book a weekend... 

Then go explore... and maybe get lost a little ;) 

PS: Go on, adopt a tree and help change the world by getting some folk just a little more green in their 'hood. I'm going to "climb an Everesting"... you don't have to, but you can help motivate me. www.ccfa.africa/everesting

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