18 July 2021

Nelson Mandela Day 2021

“It always seems impossible, until it is done.”  Nelson Mandela

What does it take to build? To rebuild? To rise again, phoenix-like?

Adopt a tree now at www.ccfa.africa/everesting
Nelson Mandela will tell you that Freedom is a Long Walk away... and others will tell you that every destination is reached by taking the first step (and not stopping).

Sometimes freedom actively divides conspiracy theorists and coup plotters one from another. 

Peace is like freedom... it is not passive, it must be worked for. Worked for like trees divide soil, but bind it close as the best ally.

Look to the trees. The feeder of bees through their flower, the grower of birds through seeds and fruits. 

Look to the trees that bind soil and rock and direct water to the skies. 

Look to the trees that dance in place bending with the whistling wind and lit by sun and stars and moon and lightening. 

Your ancestors saw that. Today's oldest trees today were planted then. Seedlings then saplings then teenagers bearing young fruit now full of years, ancient memories and no voice. 

Yet still they sow fruit for us and oxygen. We breathe and live because of the trees. 

Suburbs have treasured the healing of body and mind... and ripped trees from the townships and pavements. 

Now we must return to "simpler" things by planting and adopting not our future, but the future of our planet, our children, our children's offspring. Now we must be Greening the Community, not just ours, but all.

We're litter in winter now. Let's create spring... so that summer may bloom again.

“It always seems impossible, until it is done.”  Nelson Mandela. Be the change. 

Adopt a Tree now. www.ccfa.africa/everesting

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