11 July 2021

Significance: Saints and Sinners

Adopt A Tree or Cluster of 10 Trees Now

There are a few ways to measure things... money, happiness, support (clearly not a comprehensive list). 

What's your favorite measure? I like 100 miles ;) yes, its a running measure 

Spiritual writings often talk about angels falling (that is, they're now demons), sometimes about demons rising (that is, they're now angels). I wonder how much mythology plays a role... After all, our Creation stories started with oral tradition (i.e. word of mouth). Facts never stand in the way of Truth.

History gets told in different ways; but we actually live it now; its active, we don't just "live in it", we act it. And so we must live into today's decisions in one of two ways (a form of death by logic, if you will):

  • what I/we do makes a long term difference (even Eternal) (let's call this "good")
  • what I/we do is transient and matters only for immediate personal pleasure (lets call this "evil")
Of course there is a whole line of rainbow colors between those two end points of good and evil... and often actions have a measure of both good and evil in them, as do our intentions. 

Do I go out strong and hold on for the other 99 miles? Or do I try to maintain a moderate but consistent effort throughout. Only you can make that choice, and that choice is made with what effort you have left now for the rest of your race... the rest of your life.

I think we can agree, though, that unless you're purely evil, there is a measure of goodness to be attained by investing in others and our positive/progressive relationship to the other. That is: "do no harm", "do unto others...", and all the rules we intend to apply religiously.

And this is why the acknowledgement by Mr Zuma of (at least some of) his error regarding the Constitutional Court of South Africa has some significance this week. He was a key figure of positive change in the late part of the struggle to free South Africa and bring equality; he was an angel of sorts. Like some other significant leaders, he fell foul of greed; some of many charges he remains to face in court. And so an angel fell... but may have at least risen a little again. A phoenix?

So, for the good of this country he has handed himself over (willingly or not). He will throw every trick in the book to evade consequence, just like the old Apartheid leaders did... and it is their privilege to still walk free. 

My (our/your) choice is to worry about how we encourage our leaders to "come clean"; and to come clean ourselves. Yes, like Zacchaeus of the Biblical story, repatriation of resources to the victim's coffers may be part of the complete resurrection. This may be true of Mr Zuma (and others accused of State Capture). How far back do we go in addressing this? This is a serious question because a strong nationalist sentiment is asking it. The Truth & Reconciliation focused more on forgiveness than consequence. Maybe now is the time for more consequence? But willing consequence... not a "sorry", or a free gift to some cloud, but a personal and direct investment in relationships that grow you, the other, and our communities. Be a mentor if you have the privilege. 

It is sad to see trust betrayed, like we have seen with state capture. It does not mean that we should not trust again. It means we need to be more clever with our trust... 

Response needs a level head, and that is best available on a full stomach, in warm clothes, from a safe place. This is not a capitalist ideation. It is the ethos of "good".

Creating this space for all our country's citizens by our everyday actions, making it possible for all who so desire to achieve this space, is vital. That is, we need to remove barriers, build relationships and circular economies; respect our mutual spaces, on the road, in the workplace, in our fair payment for goods and services. And this has to move through our lives as humans to other animals, plants and even the rocks and water and air we breathe. Respect.

This is why I have chosen to support Indalo Indigenous Nursery as they seek to fulfil their mandate of #GreeningTheCommunity where they live, KwaNobuhle in Nelson Mandela Bay. They are being supported through the coordinated efforts of Community Conservation Fund Africa (CCFA) and their #AdoptATree campaign. Help us plant 600 trees before Christmas... and maybe 6000 before I attempt another silly little run up a hill.

It is my way of getting you a simple way of getting involved as an angel... making a change now that lasts forever. Be an angel: #AdoptATree

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