01 August 2021

Volunteers - call to action

Have you ever been up Everest? No, neither have I!

The highest mountain I've climbed was Thabana Ntlenyana (Lesotho) at 3482m above sea level. I made it there at midnight. It was minus nine degrees C. I'll never forget it. And on that "run" I accumulated approximately 6000m of elevation in all. 

On Heritage Day (South Africa, 24 Sept) I am attempting an Everesting; 8849m elevation gain in a single activity without sleep. 

And we've been granted a road closure, which means there's a need for a few marshals to volunteer... well, I'm hoping you'll be one of them. 

Actually I'm hoping for a surplus of hands to wave cars slowly by (or get them to pause as I come by)... Will you put your hand up for a 2, 3 or 4 hour shift? 

If you're keen to be part of this unique event, please contact me via my social media, via a comment here, or get my number off of that image above. I'm going to need those motivations and friendly faces and bad puns as the hours tick by. 

Perhaps the best worst pun of the day will even win a prize from me! 


And lastly, as a reminder... this is for the CCFA #GreeningTheCommunity project in which I so believe. When you #AdoptATree, you change lives; properly. 

Read more here... and consider another tree, please. 

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