28 September 2021

Everesting: for a tree?

A sunny Heritage Day 2021 ended with a cold craft beer was two years in the making for me. However, when Adrian Gardiner says, "I like it, we will do it best", you take your time and do it best.

The full report is also in the making and I'll post it here when it is done. In the meantime, consider supporting our #GreeningTheCommunity project and #AdoptATree at www.ccfa.africa. Trees fight climate change, provide shelter, food and greenery in dusty brown townships. They also provide the possibility of economic security in times to come! The best time to plant a tree... is now. 

Here is the Strava activity to which I refer: https://www.strava.com/activities/6012198283

And a photo from Richard Pearce:

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