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Aspire Live Fit Coaching #LiveFit; led by Bruce Campbell, a survivor of a rare disease, a pandemic, living with a rare disease and a stable of remarkable athletes and people... He has a "fit" that works for me, the average athlete. He'll have a fit for you, too, and different packages to suit your needs.

Balega socks #BalegaBestSocksEver have helped me on short, fast runs and long technical trails... their various styles mean you'll find one that suits your running, riding and lifestyle; its a hug on your foot!

Community Conservation Fund Africa (aka CCFA) as beneficiary through the #AdoptATree for #GreeningTheCommunity campaign supported by the Eco-Ascent Everesting

Donate a tree now by clicking here. Simples.

Squirrels Nut Butter #TeamSNB is smooth and chafe-free in all the right places... If you know, you know! If you're anti-chafe, don'And my employer: Cellucity. The best way to connect to Vodacom: you, your family and your business!

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